Video Campaign

These are the first two of hopefully MANY fan made Campaign Videos. We would love it for all of the fans to make their own video campaigning for a Roswell movie. It can be a montage of clips with music and text like the video posted above or it can be a video of YOU talking about WHY you want a roswell movie. We want this video campaign to go viral and get the attention of the people that can make this movie HAPPEN. We NEED YOU, the FANS, to help us achieve that. So please, make a video and post it as a video response to the video that we have uploaded to our YOUTUBE Account. We will share all of the videos sent to us with the world. 🙂

We look forward to seeing your video!

Also, please feel free to share the video above on facebook/twitter and don’t forget to tag it with #Roswell on Twitter! 😉

5 responses to “Video Campaign

  1. Da_prankecc

    I hope you guys get this done hell Roswell could become the next star trek…3 seasons on T.V. and heres to six motion pictures

  2. rg

    I just found ROSWELL via netflix.  Addicted.  A movie would also help bring traffic to old TVshow.   I can’t see a financial downside for the actors or the production company.

  3. Christie Boyer

    Definitely want Roswell Movie hell they could bring the series back everyone is so open minded to these kind of shows that i bet it would hit off real good

  4. k tucker

    I would love either a movie or new seasons and what would be really amazing is if they could do both and bring back the original cast. I’m such a roswellian.

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