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— Before there was Bella and Edward, there was Liz and Max.

To the Fans of Roswell:
It has been almost 15 years since this amazing show has been canceled.
I think we all know that this show was well ahead of its time.

With the love that all things Supernatural are getting in Entertainment today, NOW IS THE TIME TO REBOOT The Roswell Franchise.

Both old and new fans all agree that there should be a Roswell movie.

There’s some things we’d like to have answered that weren’t answered in the TV series. Also, we’d like to see what’s happening with the gang 15 years later!

Are they still running from the FBI?
Have Liz and Max have cute little alien/human babies?
Did Kivar succeed at getting Vilandra back?
What really happened with the remaining 3 of the Royal 4 rejects? Did Rath and Lonnie get caught by the FBI, who may have thought they were Isabell and Michael? Therefore, letting the real ones free?
There’s so many possibilities and we’d like to see where a movie can take us!

So please, please, please, to those who had a hand in the production of the Roswell TV series: 20th Century Fox, Jonathan Frakes, Jason Katims, etc. As well as the Cast Members of Roswell: Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, Majandra Delfino, Katherine Heigl, Brendan Fehr, William Sadler and Nick Wechsler.

Can we please have a Roswell Movie or possibly a reboot of the show via Netflix?

Thank you! 😉

The Roswell Fans

If you’re like the rest of us Roswell fans and would like to see a netflix revival of this show, please sign our petition located at:

40 responses to “Sign The Petition

  1. roswell lover

    Roswell is to good to end, I just finished watching it a few weeks ago on netflix and when it finished I was very very very very very very very sad that it was over!!

  2. Gemmadancocks

    bring back roswell.watched it when it was first on and now have the dvds and watch it from beginning to end every couple of months

  3. Marco Piras

    per cortesia voglio il continuo di roswell , è un telefilm bellissimo 

    I want to please the continuous roswell, is a beautiful show

  4. Dcruzjr2008

    i would love to see a roswell movie BUT !! in order for it to make money do 90 percent sci fi and 10 percent MAX AND LIZ! im sorry but season 2 was by far The best season it showed them use there powers more and there alien side.

  5. Memo_z80

    I LOVED ROSWELL & I AM GUTTED ITS FINISHED!!!! 🙁 Pleaseeeeee bring it back….they should make a remake like bring it back & tell us what happens after 10 years!!! why why why would it stop it was A GREAT SHOWW & i dont believe in  crap like “due to fan ratings or whatever” cause it has a lot of fans plus they are able to advertise & do so much if they wanted it to continue :(:(:(:(:(:( I mean come on why are shows like one tree hill, desperate housewives, gray’s anatomy & shows like that have 7 & 8 seasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 UNFAIRRR…… I WANT ROSWELLBAAAAAAAAAAAAACK 🙁

  6. Sweetzenart831

    Just this year i was introduced to this awesome series by my sister, she told me you might think its like twilight, no i didn’t think that at all it is awesome twilight is its own story and Roswell is another. I was hooked couldn’t stop watching it and when it was over i was sad and felt like it was missing something… a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Damaris Demidoo

    If Roswell was a movie I would seriously make all my friends watch it!! 🙂 I need more Roswell!! 🙂

  8. Roswell143

    I recently saw Roswell on netflix and LOVED IT!!! I watched all three seasons in like 2 weeks.  I felt like the show left us at a cliff hanger and I would love to see them come out with a movie.  Right now I have to use the books to give me more information :p

  9. Jadesophiabrown18_1991

    Needs to make a movie atleast. I hated when this show ended so make a movie so we can all be happy <3

  10. Christa_taylor

    well netflix is getting my money just so i can watch roswell,love it better than stargate and i love stargate bring back roswellllllllllllllllllll.

  11. Narniadisc

    That show was amazing even after 2 years of finding it i still have to have a marathon every couple of months…and what better way to brings the gang back than a movie….movie please

  12. Meme83

    I wanted to sign this petition and keep ot going. This show was wonderful and I’m shocked that WB kept shows like “One Tree Hill” for so many seasons and not Roswell. This show was a gem and I would like seeing a spin off or renion special to tie up all the loose ends.

  13. Old school fan

    Working on signing. I greatly enjoyed the show when in highschool and just as much when I rewatched it on Netflix recently. I never got to see all of season three so it was a treat for me. I think it would also do much better now if brought back on to continue the story not remake the show. I mean with shows on now like Supernatural (which I also enjoy), why not bring it back on. Those shows do well. In fact it could come on after supernatural. A great friday night. Here’s to hoping.

  14. Paul

    Roswell is the only TV Series collection I have completed. I was a fan back in 1999 and still am today. Bring everyone back for a movie. I support it 100%

  15. bluegirl27262

    I remember being 15 years old when this show ended… I watched it every time a new episode would come on. I was so disappointed that it ended the way it did. I’ve always hoped for it to continue.

  16. Sweetpurple

    I want Roswell back . Bring back Roswell make a movie about Roswell I did not get enough. Will there be more seasons of Roswell ?

  17. MickStallion

    The only problem with this show is not the story lines, not the actors, not the acting, or the special effects or the fan ratings. The problem with the show is that it was ahead of its time. If it was released nowadays, it would be a whole different story. It would be one of the most watched shows on television. All they need to do is bring it back (with the original cast of course for us die hard fans) and the truth will be told. Bring the show back for a few seasons as a footstool to an epic movie or vice versa, bring out an epic movie to breathe life into what will be a very successful show. But, it must, must be with the original cast. Love the show, love the actors, they did a freaking bang up job.

    • GoddessILY

      has anyone started a kickstarter? I am dying for the show to come back. I’m watching it again on Netflix now and given that the show did a 2014 reference, now would be a good time to bring it back.

  18. Sarah Gonzales

    Bring Roswell Back, If it was released nowadays, it would be a whole different story. It
    would be one of the most watched shows on television. All they need to
    do is bring it back (with the original cast of course for us die hard
    fans) and the truth will be told.

  19. SHAN


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