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— Before there was Bella and Edward, there was Liz and Max.

To the Fans of Roswell:
It has been almost 9 years since this amazing show has been canceled.
I think we all know that this show was well ahead of its time.

With the love that all things Supernatural are getting in Entertainment today, NOW IS THE TIME TO REBOOT The Roswell Franchise.

Both old and new fans all agree that there should be a Roswell movie.

There’s some things we’d like to have answered that weren’t answered in the TV series. Also, we’d like to see what’s happening with the gang 10 years later!

Are they still running from the FBI?
Have Liz and Max have cute little alien/human babies?
Did Kivar succeed at getting Vilandra back?
What really happened with the remaining 3 of the Royal 4 rejects? Did Rath and Lonnie get caught by the FBI, who may have thought they were Isabell and Michael? Therefore, letting the real ones free?
There’s so many possibilities and we’d like to see where a movie can take us!

So please, please, please, to those who had a hand in the production of the Roswell TV series: 20th Century Fox, Jonathan Frakes, Jason Katims, etc. As well as the Cast Members of Roswell: Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, Majandra Delfino, Katherine Heigl, Brendan Fehr, William Sadler and Nick Wechsler.

Can we please have a Roswell Movie?

Thank you! 😉

The Roswell Fans

If you’re like the rest of us Roswell fans and would like to see a Reunion Movie, please sign our petition located at:

And don’t forget our TWITITION as well! 🙂

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  1. chris

    Best tv show of all time,, great cast of actors, great storyline just a great tv show, some1 please look into a fifth season 🙂 what else can i say was a great show and miss it like hell would easy empty my my bank account to pay for a 5th season…… NOTHING CAN FILL THE VOID……. Bring back Roswell 🙂

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